People have been training fish and goldfish to do tricks and tasks and agility for a very long time. Probably longer then we know. Goldfish are popular, they are inexpensive, beautiful and come in an seemingly endless list of varieties. Goldfish, like Guinea Pigs, have interacted with their owners for years, and mostly unnoticed, unappreciated, and thought to be just bowl/aquarium pets. How many people do you know, or maybe you are one, that talks about how their goldfish follows their hand or them as they walk by the bowl/aquarium. What we as humans have been lacking to notice, THAT shows intelligence, the type of intelligence that can be shaped into a relationship between owner and fish.

What can a goldfish learn? It depends on the trainer. One goldfish could certainly learn multiple tasks, tricks and or Agility. Trained correctly a goldfish could become quite an interactive pet, one you will be asking your friends and family over to your home to see perform.

Please visit our other pages here at this website to learn more on how to train your goldfish. And please, be sure to get photos and video of your goldfish doing it's tricks and tasks, because you are going to need proof when you tell people about them....and in years to come, you will look back at those photos and have the biggest smile on your face.

Goldfish Training Scientific American Magazine JUNE 1967

This is a copy of Goldfish Training Scientific American Magazine JUNE 1967

I can not say that I agree with their training methods. But in it it proves that goldfish have been and are trained with success. The whole reason for the Scientists training the goldfish was to learn more about memory.

Blitzen the Goldfish

I bought a Goldfish on August 31, 2011. I started training with the first feeding. You can read about the training, how and what I am doing as well as how Blitzen the Goldfish is learning on the Training Our Fish page at this website.


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