Fish Agility Courses

If you have your fish bowl or aquarium set up with obstacles, the type and size your fish can manipulate, if you have slowly and patiently trained your fish to go the course, you bet a fish can and will do a little Agility Course including hoops, weave poles and limbo poles and whatever other little pieces you have worked the fish on to complete a little course. Of course at the end of the course your fish will expect the pay

You must train the fish do manipulate each of your Agility Equipment Pieces separately before setting it all up and thinking the fish will just swim around and through and over and under all the items you set up. After the fish has learned to do each of the pieces, you will want to start working on the course. You will set the course up the same each time you set it up in the bowl/aquarium. Start with two, have to fish do them for a few days, then add another piece either in the front of or the end of your course. Again, have the fish do theses pieces for a few days and add another. You will not want more then three to five, and probably three is the most you will want your fish to swim in a course. Could they do more? If you are a good trainer you could certainly teach them to do more. Space in the bowl/tank is an issue too.

So what sort of items might you use for your Fish Agility Course? A hoop can be about any small round item that is safe for the fish, it's water and your hand. You might even fashion the item to hang from the side of the bowl or aquarium. You might find an itty bitty tire (take one off a small toy truck or car) and fashion it in a little frame. Many people have used Pipe Cleaners fashioned into hoops and weave polls and other shapes to train their fish. I have never heard of a problem with anyone's fish or water while using these. You of course do not leave them in the bowl or tank, but only put them in for the short training sections. I use Pipe Cleaners myself to train my own fish.


The contents of this page for Fish Agility Courses is still under construction. Please check back later.

-- The Fish Agility Team
Mon, 29 Aug 2011 11:53:59 -0400

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