Guppy Fish

Can you train a Guppy to do tricks? Why not. There really are Flea Circus'. What can you teach a Guppy? Where will you buy training equipment for them? Those are the questions we hope to answer here.

Guppies are the fish most of us bought or where given when we started our fish keeping. Most of us got them from friends who's guppies kept multiplying in their tanks. Fish keepers have a soft spot for Guppies. And who can not admit that the males tails are just gorgeous?

I think a big part of the fun of training a fish is to come up with ideas and equipment for it to do and use. Finding or making little items will become something you will find yourself doing in pet and toy departments of stores, if not the big chains for each. For a Guppy, the items will need to be tee tiny. Think doll house small if not smaller. Garage Sales are a GREAT place to find little items in with the children toys.

For a Guppy you will want a Hoop the size of a quarter and smaller once it learns to come through it regularly. Your Weave Poles might be Toothpicks. Finding a all small enough for them that is safe for the bowl/tank is not going to be ans easy task....but if you keep looking and or thinking, you will come up with something.

Our Guinevere

I have to admit, I was a bit surprised how easy Guinevere, our own Guppy was to teach/train. You can read our training blog that goes into detail of her training on the Training Our Fish page here at this site. Guinevere was an unsuspecting female Guppy just swimming around in a tank in the pet store before we brought her home to train. I started her off with the target stick/pen shaft right away, and she "got it" right away. No fear, no problems.

The contents of this page for Guppy Fish is still under construction. Please check back later!

-- The Fish Agility Team
Mon, 29 Aug 2011 11:54:28 -0400

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